Restless night … yet again

I live in Western Australia which means that as I write this it is 12:31 am and I am neither asleep nor am I able to quiet my mind meaning I am about as wide awake as I would be if I had had 5 cups of incredibly strong coffee. Meanwhile everyone else in the house is in dreamland and I know this because I can hear 3 different tones of snoring. Most nights I struggle to go to sleep but that is because most nights I struggle to hand everything over to God. This is because I am a recovering control freak.

This is something that is a constant battle for me as I am constantly battling with God about what I can do with and without Gods input and without God having to be involved. The nights when I really struggle to sleep … like tonight … are nights where I am struggling to just give it to God, to hand over my hurts, my pains, my thoughts, and my prayers over to God. These are the nights where I am realistically only letting God into the nice front room which is tidy and controlled , instead of into the rest of the house that is in complete chaos.

So tonight, as I continue to be awake and continue to wrestle with God my prayer, is that I can release the control I have on my hurts, pains, thoughts, and prayers and hand them over to God, that I can hand these over AND push into Gods strength and feel his peace in my life. I pray that I am focussing on God’s truth and that is that I am loved by God, I am a child of God and I am welcomed in the presence of God.

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