Consumption and the heart

Recently I have had the immense pressure and stress of finishing (to a hopefully good standard) my honours thesis. One of the unfortunate side affects of writing a thesis is that is took over ENTIRE life. I would dream sections of my thesis, eat while thinking about my thesis, spend all day infront of the computer writing/editing my thesis and since finishing and reflecting on the last couple of months on two separate points.

  1. Whatever we consume (by consume i mean watch and listen to) will make its way into our thoughts and more importantly our hearts. What we say is also an incredibly valuable indicator of how we are going in our faith journey, so be careful what you consume and let through to your heart (Proverbs 4:23, Luke 6:45 and Psalm 26:2).
  2. God did not design us to work 24/7. He designed us to work 6 days out of 7 and to rest. He also had good works in mind for our work, not just any old thing (Genesis 2:2). In fact after God created the world he rested on the seventh and made it HOLY. That is how much value God places on rest.

So the next time you take on a project that takes up a large amount of time, I encourage to ask one question, can I keep God central in my life during this project?

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